A Spastic Kind Of Nonchalant
Hey thanks for checking out my VU meter plugin. :)

Yeah no probs , I may use it in production sometime.

here’s what I’ve done musically so far…idk if you’re into Dubstep but that’s what I’ve produced so far. The rest are mixes. Let me know what you think. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. It’s all on my blog…everything is mine unless otherwise stated…


thnx for the follow, following u back :)

No probs, I really enjoyed your mixes, How long have you been at it?

You got mad skills…will you check out my stuff?


For a pretty average person, Justin Rice is kinda a badass.

For a pretty average person, Justin Rice is kinda a badass.

Bartman! (Not the original, though :/)

Bartman! (Not the original, though :/)

A bit of meaningful blabber #2: stop trying to be something you’re not…

…honest. Who are you trying to impress?

Chances are the people you’re working hard for are never pleased. It shows how they never know what they want, which makes them really shallow and kinda difficult…I mean, right?

A bit of meaningful blabber #1: I don’t think you should care…

…we go through life worrying to much about other people and what they think about us.


If they’re willing to scrutinize you for every little thing you do, then their lives must be boring as shit. Since they need an awesome person like you to make their day to day lives worth it.

How sad is it to be them, now…hmmm?